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PrincessSammyXaxas's Profile Picture
Sammy Xaxas
United Kingdom
Samantha is Princess and heir to the Kingdom of Xaxas. However, unlike her tyrannical parents, Sammy wishes to rule her kingdom as a benevolent leader; one who puts her Kingdom’s needs above her own. With her visions of grandeur, Sammy wants to bring her Kingdom into a golden age of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately for the Princess, she often finds herself being transformed and changed against her will. With the whole world conspiring against her, will she ever take her rightful place on the throne of Xaxas? Or will she be forever lost in history...

Requests - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke No Commissions by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Drawings of Sammy are always appreciated. Just be sure to tag me in the description, hehe.

Note: I might not always thank you for favourites or llamas, but I always appreciate them~!

Of course, her trusty bow! Perfect for a royal adventuring elf like herself... Now, where should she explore? 

7 deviants said The Mystic Forest
4 deviants said The Abandoned Castle
2 deviants said The Ancient Ruins
1 deviant said The Dark Caves
1 deviant said The Haunted Hollow
1 deviant said The Hazy Swamp
No deviants said The Endless Plains
No deviants said Other (Comment Below)
Hey guys, Sammy here to say I'M FREE! I'M FREE AT LAST!

Long-time followers will know that for the last few years, I've been working on a degree at University. Well, yesterday I handed in my last assignment. With no more lectures, exams or coursework left, I'm finally free... the thought of it is both exciting... and absolutely terrifying. 

I'll be graduating in July, a few days before a holiday. After that, I'll be making my own way in the world. I've already applied to a few places, so hopefully I can get the job I've been working for over the last three years. Otherwise, I'll just pick up some full-time work somewhere, and improve myself independently. 

In the meantime, expect more art from me. I'll mostly be working on a mix of the requests (specifically the April Fool'd event requests), and my own drawings. I only have the tablet for another month, so I'll try and make the most of it. I'll probably work on some short stories as well. Maybe an interactive story. I could make a continuation of those polls I did. Who knows?

Anyway, that's all from me. If you want to chat, send me a message. I like chatting with people. I have a Skype too, so feel free to add me on that. 

Take care
Hold onto your hats, because it's time for another art with the Princess~!

For those unfamiliar; Art with the Princess is a series of journals where I showcase all of the amazing art and literature featuring Princess Sammy and her world, drawn and written by the community. It's my way of saying thank you; by giving some positive attention and publicity to the people kind enough to draw my OCs. Which is why I'd encourage you all to check out the art featured in this journal, leave some nice comments and maybe a favourite or two on any that you like. We're all artists here, after all. 

If you'd like to be featured in my next Art with the Princess journal, simply draw, write or create any kind of Xaxas-related thing. It could be a picture of Princess Sammy, or one of my other characters. You could draw your characters in Xaxas, or even make a character specifically for the world of Xaxas. Upload it, tag and/or note me and I'll feature it on the next journal.

Without further ado, let's delve right in to Art with the Princess 9... or Art with the Princess 10 if you work at Microsoft. 

The first image comes from Spit-fire233, who has drawn a muscle-bound Princess Sammy. Now buffed up; the Princess has given up the robes of royalty for the spandex of professional wrestling. Any nobles or advisers that dare challenge Sammy, shall find themselves in the ring. It's also quite funny, since the last picture that they drew of Sammy was her blimped up like a balloon. Maybe she made some dietary choices, found a trainer and worked off all that weight, hehe~!

Anyway, I quite like this picture~! I don't get many muscular Sammy pictures often, so this was a nice change. It's also something that I wouldn't have thought of; Princess Sammy as a professional wrestler. I love stuff like this, and the Modern Day Witch Sammy picture. I quite like the proportions of the picture, such as how big her arms and legs are, but then how small her head is. It really emphasises how muscular she has become. The outfit is certainly quite interesting too, hehe. Thank you once again Spit-Fire233 for this lovely image of the Princess~!
Sammy's Ready to Rumble by Spit-Fire233
Sammy's Ready to Rumble - Drawn by Spit-fire233

The next picture is certainly a first. It was commissioned by Cloth-King, and drawn by Numbsoul. To give some context, Cloth King has a kingdom of subjects called Silkies; made out of socks, stockings, tights, pantyhose and other various clothing. Well in this picture, Sammy found herself joining his collection, as she became a silkie herself. Of course, The Cloth Kingdom has it's own royalty, and has no need for another Princess. Instead, Sammy now acts as an ambassador between her kingdom and his.

I really like this picture, hehe. I think it's very well drawn, and captures the silly chaos of having a magical body of cloth. I quite like that Sammy's form still looks vaguely human, yet the madness of her legs and arms separating removes that illusion of humanity and normality. Overall, it's a very lovely image, and I'm quite a fan. Thanks to the Cloth King for commissioning this lovely piece, and thanks to Numbsoul for drawing it~! 
Princess Sammy Silkie Ambassador By Numbsoul by Cloth-King
Princess Sammy Silkie Ambassador - Drawn by Numbskull, Commissioned by Cloth-King

Next, we have a lovely gift from the wonderful EduartBoudewijn~! In fact, it was actually a birthday gift. In the picture, the poor Princess Sammy finds herself undergoing yet another transformation. However this time, she does not become a muscle-bound wrestler or a cloth Princess, but a rat~! Seems that her castle has quite the rodent problem. Let's hope she doesn't become tempted by blocks of cheese on strange mechanisms...

Once again, I love this picture. I always like how Ed does clothing, and I think he captures it quite well here. I also like how Sammy keeps her hair; showing the last of her humanity amongst her dirty, furry body. I have to say, I love animal transformations like this; turned into a degrading creature for a Princess, like a rat. Overall, thank you once again Ed, for this lovely picture of the Princess~!
Gift: The Royal Rodent by EduartBoudewijn
The Royal Rodent - Drawn by EduartBoudewijn

Next is a commission from Immortaltom. At the time, they were offering blind superhero commissions... and the concept certainly caught my eye~! So, I commissioned a picture of Sammy, and came up with a superhero alter-ego for the Princess. This was the result. Princess Sammy is Royalastic; a super-stretchy superhero. She uses her powers of elastic to fight crime; stretching, squeezing and shaping her body to her own will~! Remember; don't send a knight to do a Princess's job.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, hehe. While I was on my break at work, I remember checking on Tom's stream, catching a brief look... and being super-excited for the rest of the shift. I love the comic effects, and I love how Royalastic uses her powers: Slamming the door open with her right arm, her left stretched and shaped into a giant hammer as she stretches in backwards. Likely thwarting the plans of the villains she's currently raiding... until the main villain shows up, captures her, she escapes and then saves the day again. :p I love the colours, and the design of the outfit, I love how she uses her stretch powers, and I love this picture in general. So thank you once again Immortaltom for this great picture.

Roya-lastic aka Princess Sammy by immortaltom
Roya-lastic AKA Princess Sammy - Drawn by Immortaltom

Next comes a lovely gift from Talimush. I've been quite a fan of their art style for a while, so when they asked if they could draw Sammy... how could I refuse? So in this picture, it seems that Sammy has also received a gift from the magic that torments Luci. Of course, it's no ordinary gift. Instead, Sammy finds herself wearing a tiara, that will certainly make her the talk of the kingdom. At this point, this is becoming a regular look for Sammy, hehe.

I really love this picture, hehe. I think Talimush did a great job capturing Sammy's look. I like the shading, and the cartoon-y effects like the puffs of air. I love how they do their lines, and as of late I have become quite inspired to do the same with a few particular pictures. I think that Sammy's reaction is very much how she would react in a situation like that. In fact, I was so happy with this gift that I actually drew them a picture in return. One featuring their OC Luci turning into a Princess. The picture is entitled Princess Luci, so feel free check that out if that interests you. Otherwise, I really love this picture. Thank you Talimush once again, for such a wonderful gift~!
Princess Sammy's New Tiara by Talimush
Princess Sammy's New Tiara - Drawn by Talimush

Next, we have two commissions from Da-Fuze. The first was a blind commission, as part his recent Malinda Contract event. In the comic, Princess Sammy finds herself tasked with defeating the nefarious Slime King. However in a sinister twist of fate, the Princess finds herself becoming more of a Queen... a Slime Queen~! In the second picture, a stray bolt of magic hurtles towards the maid Viviette. In the heat of the moment, Viviette quickly raised her trusty silver tray to her body, reflecting the bolt of magic... right into the Princess! 

I didn't know what to expect with the comic. However, I really liked the end result. I love Sammy's end form in the picture. Her big, puffed up, slimy body. With her big, busty chest and those big, slobbery hands. She looks even more noble in her slime dress, hehe. I love that hair too, hehe. How it's become slime dripping over her body. I also love the face, and how they did it, showing her corruption by the Slime King. They also did a great job in making the slime look... well, slimy. It's not always easy to show that, but they did it and they did it well. 

And for the second picture, I love the ridiculous, cartoon-y proportions of both Sammy's breasts, feet and potentially her buttocks. The breasts and feet were the two things that I wanted as the focus, and they certainly stand out. I quite like the little magic effects, with the streams of purple haze coming off the tray and Sammy. Also, we've finally seen magic powerful enough to rip Sammy's dress, hehe. Obviously worth noting, this was the first picture of Viviette drawn by another artist. I think they did quite well in capturing Viviette, considering my reference picture of her is not the best, hehe. I quite like her reaction, which I think fits quite well. The same with Sammy, I think her shocked expression looks great. It's kind of a "Oh no, not this again" expression, hehe. Overall, I really like it, and I'd probably say that Princess Backfire is one of my favourite commissions that I've made from Da-Fuze. 

So overall, I really like these commissions. Thank you once again Da-Fuze for such lovely pictures of the Princess. 
Malinda Contract Noble by Da-FuzeCOM Princess Backfire by Da-Fuze
Malinda Contract Noble and Princess Backfire - Drawn by Da-Fuze

Next, we have two lovely renders from Illun, who has already made many appearances in my Art with the Princess journals. I guess at this point, it's like tradition, hehe. Anyway, moving on. In the first render, the Princess has been turned into a rather unique pencil in order to fill in a tax form. In the second, the Princess has found herself becoming a part of the art gallery... unfortunately for her, she's one of the attractions... and quite a lewd one too, hehe. 

So of course, I quite like both of these images. The first one is quite crude in it's execution, yet at the same time it works well. It certainly resembles the Princess, and makes her transformation all the more unique. A lot of artists would just draw a pencil with Sammy's face, or have her mid change into a regular pencil. However, Illun shows a more unique way of transformation; with her body actually transforming, yet maintaining it's form. Plus, the pink rubber hair is a nice touch.

In the second one, I like how normal of Sammy it is... until it gets past the neck, and she becomes a bust with no arms. In like how they included the necklace, which not a lot of pictures include, yet I'd say it's one of Sammy's features. Of course, the picture gets even strange once we get past the breasts, to the strange stand that below captures her... yeah. I think that just adds to the craziness of this picture, hehe. If anything, it makes the picture. 

Once again, I'm very grateful to Illun who creates so many renders of the Princess. I could look up how many, though I'd have to honestly say I've lost count. So thank you once again Illun, for creating more renders of the Princess. I greatly appreciate it. 

A Pencil for Xaxas Taxes by IllunPrincess Xaxas, Busted by Illun
Pencil and Bust - Rendered by Illun

Last, and certainly not least, we have a free commission from the fantabulous Penoda. For their 1000 watcher special, they offered out a free commission, and the Sammy idea had the most votes. So here we see the Princess and Josie in a most peculiar situation. As fast as you can say Freaky Friday, Princess Sammy and Josie found themselves switching worlds. Josie, finding her inflated form in Sammy's dress and her castle. Sammy, finding herself being inflated, in Josie's clothes and her apartment. Of course, there's an audience as well. A random butler, nosebleeding at the sight of their 'Princess', and a rather indifferent Fluff. Breasts are breasts, right?

Technically and artistically, this has to be the best image of the Princess yet. It's clear to see that so much effort was put into this picture. Not just into the characters (and the additional characters), but into the world(s) around them. We see the bright, fairy tale castle of Sammy's castle, and the dark, urban penthouse of Josie's apartment. I just love the detail, from the most eye-catching of breasts to the lines on Sammy's dress. Penoda also does a great job with the lighting. Especially with the natural lighting of Sammy's castle. Though I will say after reviewing it, the picture probably would have been just as impactful without the speech bubbles. I still like them show, and I think it shows their personalities quite well from their reactions and choice of dialogue. 

Overall, I couldn't be happier with such an amazing picture. I'm glad that I was kept in the dark about it for the month or so of it's development. Thank you once again Penoda. I owe you a lot, hehe.

The swap by Penoda
The Swap - Drawn by Penoda

Welp, that's all the time and art we have left in this journal, so thanks for reading Art with the Prince-

Oh wait, how could I forgot about my April Event!? ;)

April Fool'd - The Event

With my first ever art event coming to a close, I'd like to say thank you everyone for participating, and for enjoying the misfortune of a Princess glued into a clown costume. I never expected the reaction that I had from these pictures. The comments, the favourites, and of course the art. When I created the event, I didn't actually expect anyone to take part. I figured it'd just be overlooked, and then I'd have to pretend it didn't happen. However, people took part. So now I have some requests to work on. However before I do, let's look over the art of Spanky, shall we? ;)

The first picture is by TheRealYuma, who made a TF sheet of Spanky turning into a ball, a spinning top, a bra and a piece of paper. There's not really a story to go over like most pictures, but there doesn't have to be. 

I've never really had a TF sheet of Sammy before, so that was a nice change~! I quite like it, and I think there were some interesting designs. I like that each TF had quite a few different expressions. Some that matched the TF, like the dizzy spinning top. Out of all the designs, I'd have to say that I like the bra the most. I like how the rubber nose bridges the gap between the two cups, and how the goofy afro wig becomes the frills in her design. I also like how the style of the bra is quite elegant with those frills; showing that even as Spanky, she's still an elegant Princess. 

Overall, I'm very grateful for this. Of course, I'll be working on Yuma's request very soon. Thank you for taking part~!
Clown Sammy TF sheet by TheRealYuma
Clown TF Sammy Sheet - Drawn by TheRealYuma

In the second entry, Lyhoko drew a full-body picture of Spanky, that came with it's own little story. Spanky was hired as a clown by their character 'Princess' Laeci. However, despite Spanky's pleas that she was really a Princess named Sammy, she was respectfully ignored. 

So as well as the story, I quite like this picture. I think they captured Spanky quite well, hehe. I love the clothing that she wears. The bra, and the tutu that reveals a bit of panty. I also like the gloves, and the wig. I also like how they did the clown shoes too, hehe. They certainly look quite large, though the perspective could be better. I'd also like to say, and this applies to both pictures really, that I love the colour schemes. When I was making the first few pictures of Spanky, I kept the pictures simply lined for a reason. I figured that without a colour scheme, people would invent their own. That's what people did, and I love it. So like Yuma's, I love the different colour scheme. It's a bit red, but I think it's nice. Interesting to see them matching the wig to Sammy's actual hair colour too. 

So thank you once again, Lyhoko. I shall be working on your request very soon.

Leaci's Clown by Lyhoko
Leaci's Clown - Drawn by Lyhoko

Anyway, this concludes one of the largest Art with the Princess journals yet. Please, be sure to show these amazing artists some love. Leave a friendly comment on their picture(s), throw them a few favourites or even a watch. Even just a bit of appreciation can make someone's day. 

Remember - If you want to be featured in the next Art with the Princess, simply draw the Princess, one of the other characters, or even create your own! Tag me and/or send me a note, and I'll feature your art in the next Art with the Princess!

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Here is a section for all those frequently asked questions that I occassionally get. If you have a question, be sure to check this section first before messaging me. If it's not here, then feel free to ask~!

"Are you Sammy?"

"What inspired Sammy?"
Before I made this account, I wanted to make a character that people would enjoy transforming. I figured a kind and sweet damsel in distress kind of character would catch peoples attention, and it did.

"What programs do you use?"
For art, I tend to use Photoshop CS6. Although generally, I tend to stick with pen and paper.

"Are you on any other websites?"
Picarto, FurAffinity, YouTube and a few others I cannot link for DeviantArt reasons.

"Do you livestream?"
Actually, yes. Not frequently, but occasionally I've livestreamed on Picarto. Look out for announcements for when I go live.

"Do you take requests?"
Not yet. However, I do take suggestions! Feel free to leave one, although right now I'm only willing to draw my own OCs.

Can I draw Sammy or any of your characters?
Sure! Feel free to draw any of my characters, as long as you mention that the character belongs to me, and a tag.

Shoutout Section

This section is for any shoutouts to any projects, commissions and artists that I support.

:iconpenoda: Penoda - They've done some great breast expansion and partial inflation art. Some of them involving Princess Sammy. You should check them out.

:iconchaos-force: Chaos-force - My bud Silas does some great art. He does a lot of TF-y stuff and bizarre but cool art. He's super cool, so check 'im.

:iconeduartboudewijn: EduartBoudewijn - Another super cool TF artist. Lots of transformations of characters you probably grew up with. They also do some pretty sweet commissions. Check 'em out~!

:icontoonvasion: Toonvasion - I'm quite a fan of Toonvasion. They do some awesome looking art and animations. Plus, they have a very amazing looking style. If you like that sorta thing, you should totally check them out~!

:iconskie-maree: Skie-Maree - Skie does amazing art that you really should check out if you haven't already. Their patreon is criminally underfunded for the quality of art he makes. Check them out.

:icontalimush: Talimush - Tali creates some amazing art, with their character Luci finding herself in all sorts of strange situations. I'm quite a fan of their style, and the work that they produce. Check them out~!






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